“Caroline blows me away. She doesn't just teach about herbal energetics, self-perception, pathology and physiology equally well, but she integrates them so holistically that the seeming boundaries between them fuzz out and disappear. To manage this while being so down to earth, approachable and heart centered in her teaching is a true gift. And she's just super cool, too... that's the icing on top. (...) On a side note, I love the cadence of your speaking...”
~ Jim McDonald, Herbalist, Michigan

“Caroline Gagnon is one of my favorite herbalists... She's extremely knowledgeable, and moves between the intuitive and the scientific with grace - a skill not a lot of herbalists have but which is really critical in getting a deep understanding of plant medicine. She's warm and approachable, and her passion for this work is infectious: whatever the topic, you'll walk away feeling not just smarter, but also uplifted and encouraged!”

~ Katja Swift, herbalist, Boston, MA

“Whether Caroline is working with a student, client, colleague or friend, she creates a safe space to explore healing and learning which allows for permanent, transformational change.

Caroline is solid in the foundations of Western Herbalism and Traditional Chinese Medicine and has an ability to communicate complex concepts by using vivid, descriptive imagery as well as storytelling. These approaches are wonderful in helping her students understand dynamic multiple layers of healing and herbs.

From my experience with Caro as a teacher, I found that her stories, metaphors and rich descriptions stayed with me -- more than would a textbook lecture format. Moreover, Caro is able to personalize the learning for her students, which allows concepts to take root deeply. ”
~ Lisa Rose Starner, herbalist and participant in a class on plants energetics, Chinese medicine and lymph.

“I want to thank "life" for putting FloraMedicina in my path. My teachers are inspiring strong women who teach the love of medicinal plants like I believe and feel it should. Their respect and awe at the power and healing aspects of plants is amazing. I love attending my classes, even though I have to drive from Ottawa, being in those classes nourishes and gives me energy for weeks after. I have learned so much and am still learning with each class and feel that I now have a good base of knowledge to continue on this cherished journey. All my teachers have a way of teaching that is easy to learn and are always available to help out when a concept or theory is not understood. It’s amazing to take a class where all my class-mates have similar beliefs and desires for the environment and mother-earth. I want to thank every one of my class-mates for you have all been your own teachers to me in your own way. Thank you also to my teachers from Flora for sharing your love of plants with us. I will cherish my two years with Flora forever.”

~ Ann Kendall, student of the professional program in herbalism

“To live my life with more health, wisdom and to follow the rhythms of seasons and life stages; to enjoy cultivating my own pharmacy and create it at almost no cost: that’s what I discovered at FloraMedicina!

I do not wish to exclude conventional medicine, but to combine and enrich it with a more global and accessible approach, that includes prevention. Thanks to all the available classes at FloraMedicina, I can study the human body and its functions. I can’t think of anything more fascinating! During the summer internship I learned to identify and recognise herbs and trees that grow around me.

I feel very lucky to have access to this knowledge that comes from my European ancestors and from the wisdom of aboriginal communities, traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda.

Herbal studies can teach us a lot… The future belongs to our planet and to the respect of the plant kingdom.”

~ Maryse Boisvert, elementary school teacher and student in the professional program in herbalism.