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Caroline Gagnon, is co-founder of FloraMedicina; A 4-year school for Clinical Herbal Studies, in Montreal, Quebec and on the web.

Caroline has been an herbal practitioner and teacher for the past 20 years, teaching in Canada and internationally. Caroline is a truly gifted teacher. She understands the science, the practical applications of the plants, the anatomy and physiology of the body, and is able to teach with enthusiasm all these aspects in a very clear, deep and accessible way. She also stands deeply with the essence and energetic of the plants and the whole of the earth.

Caroline is an amazing brilliant teacher. She combines the science and art of herbalism in a deep and passionate way that deeply inspires others. And she's personable and fun, as well. All that one seeks in a good mentor and teacher....
- Rosemary Gladstar

Caroline has studied the scientific aspects of the body and plants, and Chinese energetic, but her introduction to the herbal practice was through an apprenticeship with Carol McGrath, who's green wisdom and love for the earth has been guiding her ever since.

Her work has been strongly tied to community activism, bringing the plants to street kids, city dwellers, and community centers. She has helped to develop a protocol to naturally detox from heroin and has been on the board member of Trash (Technique de reference et d’accompagnement pour le sevrage d’héroine). Caroline has also taught to students in pharmacology at the University of Montreal. She has also been on the board of the Quebec herbalist Guild and a founding member of the professional wing. But what brought her fundamentally to the herbal world, is her deep, deep love of the earth and a strong need to reconnect with her ancestors.

In the last few years, one of her main areas of focus has been to help and educate herbalists deeply, while accompanying them through their own blocks, helping them to realize their gifts. Her vision is that there may be many of us practicing in these much changing times, as we are all being called forward.

"Caroline blows me away. She doesn't just teach about herbal energetics, self-perception, pathology and physiology equally well, but she integrates them so holistically that the seeming boundaries between them fuzz out and disappear. To manage this while being so down to earth, approachable and heart centered in her teaching is a true gift. And she's just super cool, too... that's the icing on top."
- Jim McDonald

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