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Caroline Gagnon teaching Presence In Practice

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Presence in Practice - A Doorway to Mind-Body Communication & Healing

Sitting in front of a client, have you ever felt you didn’t know enough, even after years of taking courses, attending conferences and working in a clinical practice? Have you ever thought you were simply not enough in the face of the infinite complexity of another human’s pain?

Being connected is potent medicine

With this apprenticeship, I would like to humbly offer what I have found to be the most potent medicine within my practice, what has allowed me to accept my own limits, all the while carrying me way beyond those limits: being truly present, compassionate and connected to myself as a therapist. This allows for the creation of a truly alive practice, one in which a dynamic relationship with our client is created, allowing them to be present, to be themselves fully. All of themselves. All present.

A space to allow life's powers to unfold

Creating this space is healing in itself, it opens up the possibility to explore plant energetics and to tap into the body’s intuitive intelligence and healing powers. In fact, opening this space is a way to invite in uncertainties, which are always part of a healing journey, because they are the stuff life is made of. It is an invitation for life itself to perform its magic!

The healer within

Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to master – during this apprenticeship, I offer practical & accessible techniques of Mind-Body communication to help you learn to focus and deepen your clinical presence, allowing for your unique gifts and strengths to blossom and guide you. We will expand this capacity for inner journeying to integrate all the parts at play within a clinical context, allowing you to skillfully juggle physiology, psyche and plants actions as well as your own and the plants’ energetics.

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Presence in Practice - Mind body communication and healing apprenticeship - Montpelier, Vermont

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